Joint Employment FAQs

Here’s where you’ll find all our most frequently asked questions about our Joint Employment service.

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You will share the employment responsibilities with i4, some of which you will already perform for the contractor. The ‘split’ of responsibilities is outlined in the Collaboration Agreement. Your responsibilities can be bracketed as ‘in control of work finding services and AWR compliance’ and i4’s responsibilities can be bracketed as ‘in control of HR and payroll functions’.

The referral process is the same.  You MUST complete all paperwork and return it to us; we will not be able to invoice you/pay the contractor unless this is done.  All our paperwork can be completed/signed electronically and will take no longer than one or two minutes per contractor to complete. 

The rate you quote the contractor will be slightly different.   Currently, when you pay through our umbrella service, you quote an “all-inclusive rate”, for example £15 per hour which includes the i4 margin. With Joint Employment, you must quote them the ‘Gross Pay Rate’’, which is the “all-inclusive rate”, mentioned above, minus our agreed margin. This is the rate that will appear on all documentation provided by i4 to both the contractor and you.

There is a per hour fee which we will agree with you prior to sending you the Collaboration Agreement. This fee is subject to VAT, unlike the contractor Gross Pay Rate which is treated as a disbursement which is not subject to VAT.

Just like our umbrella service, we ask you to sign an agreement with us, the Collaboration Agreement.   This will act as a contract between us whilst we are partnered together.  Should you decide you no longer require our services, there is no penalty charge for leaving and we do not ask you partner with i4 for a minimum period. 

Providing you complete all the necessary paperwork, then the set-up process should not be too dissimilar to our umbrella model and we can have everything ready to go in just a few hours.

We will continue to run our umbrella service, so if you prefer this option it will always be open to you. 

Neither, a new PAYE reference numbered will be applied for and supplied by HMRC for all RTI purposes.

There should be no difference with getting a contractor set up and ready to receive payment compared with our umbrella service, which can be done instantly.  Remember, we can only pay a worker providing you have completed all the paperwork we have sent to you.  Failure to complete our paperwork will result in a contractor not being paid.  The contractor must also complete their Contract of Employment & Assignment Schedule with us before being paid.