Introducing the new i4

Introducing the new i4

We are delighted to introduce the company’s new identity and to explain what it means to agencies and contractors.

We will be changing our brand name from i4 Group (UK) Limited to i4 Services Limited. While the founding principles of i4 and our commitment to our clients and contractors have not changed, the employment and payroll sector is vastly different to when we started in 2005. As a payroll provider we have grown exponentially and have a strong foothold in most contract sectors across the entire UK. The depth and breadth of our knowledge & services have grown, and we are extremely privileged to have some of the country’s leading experts in the contractor payroll market working for i4.

 The expectations upon us from both our clients and our loyal contractors, have also evolved. This continues to give us the drive and ambition to innovate and improve.

 With that in mind, we are delighted to announce that, having listened to client requirements, we have developed an additional payroll structure for those clients who wish to maintain more control over the “employment” element of the business than they would have in our standard Umbrella service This is known as Joint Employment, where the responsibilities of each party is outlined in a Collaboration Agreement signed by both parties. This new service still allows us to use all our expertise in handling all aspects of the payroll process.

 This exciting rebranding and new product development allows us to consolidate our position as one of the country’s top payroll providers. It also affords us the opportunity to venture into new business sectors so we can continue to build upon our current skill set, in turn giving our clients an even higher service level.

 Finally, and most importantly, we continue to commit to supporting you, be you an agency or a contractor, going forward.