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i4 Pay Partners Limited The name and address of your employer
30 Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0DE
Name  This sample pay slip has a fictitious name.

Please ensure that the name and address on your actual pay slip is correct, advise us as soon as possible if there is an error

Mr Al Annon
123 High Street
United Kingdom
S11 1SS
Date: 19/11/2020
Payment ref: 654321
Tax period: 33
Pay periods: 1
Employee No: 34560
NI number: MA123456T
NI code: A
Tax code: 1250L
Payment method: Faster Pay
Earnings  Amount Deductions  Amount
Basic pay for 35.50 hours worked  Basic pay is calculated as the National Minimum Wage rate multiplied by the hours worked
NI Contribution  This is your Class 1 National Insurance Contribution
Holiday pay advanced  You have the choice of having your holiday pay advanced to you on each payment, or having it accrued so that you can ask for it when you need it
PAYE  This is the Paye As You Earn income tax deduction
Bonus (DPSB)  This is the balance of your earnings once we have calculated your basic pay (at the National Minimum Wage), advanced your holiday pay (if it has not been accrued) and accounted for any expenses on which you are receiving tax relief.

DPSB = (Gross earnings) minus (Basic pay) minus (Holiday pay advanced) minus (Expenses).
Pension contribution  This is the Workplace Pension contribution paid into your NEST pension account
Total earnings 513.57 Total deductions 110.01
  Net pay 403.56
Earnings & Deductions This Period Year To date Holiday Pay This Period Total
Total gross pay 513.57 11,222.45 Brought forward .00
Taxable gross pay 513.57 11,222.45 Accrued 55.31 1,208.57
PAYE 54.60 656.60 Redeemed 55.31 1,208.57
Employers NIC 47.55 1,012.29 Transferred
Employees NIC 39.67 841.59 Carried forward .00
Company pension contr. 11.81 253.87
Employee pension contr. 15.74 338.47 The holiday pay year runs from 1 October – 30 September
Payment date: 19/11/2020 Payment ref: 654321
Name: Mr Al Annon Company: i4 Pay Partners Limited
Invoices: These are the invoices we have raised for the work you have carried out.
Inv No Unit Agency Pay Rate Description From To Amount Received
Onion Recruitment Limited
689012 35.50 17.00 per hour 09.11.20 15.11.20 603.50 603.50
Total received: 603.50
Agency Pay Rate is the total of (a) the gross amount payable to you, including provision for paid leave entitlement, plus (b) provision for Employment and Administrative Overheads. Agency Pay Rate is NOT the rate payable to you as gross pay.
Summary: This shows how the amount received for the invoices has been split between company overheads and your gross income
Total amount received for invoices paid (excluding VAT):  This is the total amount we have received from your agency.

This amount represents the company income and includes provision for company overheads such as employers NICs, company pension contribution, holiday pay, apprenticeship levy and our fee.

It does NOT represent the gross amount due to you.
Other earnings: .00
Administrative overhead:  The administrative overhead is our margin and is included in the agency pay rate.
Employment overheads: (A full breakdown of these costs are available on your web portal)  The employment overhead is the sum total of the company costs associated with this payment. It includes:
  • Employers NICs
  • Company pension contribution
  • Apprenticeship levy (if applicable)
You can view a breakdown of these costs from the payment detail available on your Myi4 portal.
Business expenses and Mileage: (Expenses that have been approved for tax relief in this period) .00
Your gross income before tax:  This is your gross income before tax, it is the total amount received from your agency less provision for company administrative overheads, employment costs and expenses on which you will receive tax relief.