Here at i4, we take compliance very seriously. We understand that agencies entrust us with paying their contractors, and we have a duty and a responsibility to protect both.

Whenever there is a tax or employment legislation change, we will update our processes and procedures to fully comply. Meaning you can have complete peace of mind knowing that when you partner with i4, you are choosing a safe pair of hands to help manage the supply chain.

We are delighted to be an accredited member of the FCSA.  FCSA’s aim is to ensure all parties in the supply chain can expect the highest levels of compliance, transparency, and reliability. The FCSA hold their members to the highest standards of compliance in the industry, which drives market reputation and benefits workers. 

The FCSA rigorously assess members to ensure they meet high standards. The FCSA nurture understanding of the complex issues and work with a broad range of stakeholders to improve the overall landscape.

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IR35 Legislation

IR35 was introduced to stop the use of anti-avoidance schemes. It only applies to Limited Companies, not PAYE/Umbrella models. It aimed to ensure that anyone caught by the rules, or ‘inside IR35’ had tax and NI deducted as if they were an employee. If a contractor is genuinely ‘outside IR35’ or out of scope of the rules, then they can pay themselves in a more tax-efficient manner.

Tax and National Insurance Contributions

Each year the government releases its new rates of tax and NICs for the coming tax year. The tax year starts on the 6th April and ends of the 5th April. i4 complies with the rates and bands set by HMRC each year, so you can have peace of mind that you are always having the correct amount deducted when paid via i4.


The regulations were made law to ensure ‘agency workers’ were given the same rights as their permanent comparators doing the same job. I.e. a supply teacher should get the same rights as a permanent teacher. Equal rights are split into two categories, “Pay Rights” and “Non-Pay Rights”. Non-pay rights start the minute you set on site; equal pay rights kick in after 12 weeks of an assignment.

Workplace Pensions

We live in a world where the age of our population is rising, as a result, we are alive for longer after we have retired.  Therefore, it is imperative that you have enough funds available to last you for the duration of your retirement.  The government decided to make it mandatory for every employer to provide their employees with a workplace pension to help fund that retirement instead of solely relying on the state to fund it through National Insurance Contributions.