Workplace Pensions

Workplace Pensions legislation ensures that workers help provide for their future retirement by making regular contributions during their working lives. Every employer in the UK has to automatically enroll all their eligible employees into a pension scheme.

When you join i4 you are deemed to be an employee and are entitled to all employment rights. We, as the employer, are legally required to comply with all such employment legislation and therefore you will be auto-enrolled into our Workplace Pension Scheme once we start paying you. Minimum levels of contributions are required under the legislation from both the employer and employee.

Eligible jobholders are employees who are:
  • Aged at least 22 but under the State Pension age.
  • Working or ordinarily working in the UK.
  • Earning more than £192 a week or £833 per month or £10,000 a year.

If you do not fall into the above categories and would still like to contribute to your pension fund then please contact us and we will discuss the matter with you. i4 have chosen NEST as our Workplace Pension Scheme to meet our employer duties and help you put money aside for your retirement. NEST is a straightforward pension scheme that gives you one retirement pot for life.

Opting out

If you decide that you don’t want to put money aside for your retirement just yet, you have the right to opt out, however you can only opt out after you have been auto-enrolled. You must do this within the opt-out period which is normally one month from the date your enrolment begins. NEST will write to you shortly after auto-enrollment to tell you about your one month opt-out period.

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