Umbrella FAQs

Here’s where you’ll find all our most frequently asked questions about our umbrella services.

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You will have no employment responsibilities for the contractors.   You will still have a ‘duty of care’ to the contractors and will have to liaise with your clients to ensure all AWR and NMW rights are being granted. 

There are a few differences compared with running your own internal payroll for contractors, all beneficial, the main differences consist of:

  • No multiple payments to contractors, you just send one bulk payment per week to i4
  • No RTI reporting
  • No auto-enrolment responsibilities
  • No pension Opt-Out responsibilities
  • No payslip requirements
  • No monthly Tax and National Insurance Contribution payments to HMRC

All you need to do is send i4 a schedule/remittance breakdown each week so we know who to pay.

Our service is completely free for you to use.  We can save you thousands of pounds per annum on your employment overheads by minimising your payroll administration staff.

We do not request you partner with i4 for a minimum period. We will ask you to sign an agreement with us for the length of time a contractor is on assignment through you.  Should you decide you no longer require our services, like for our contractors, there is no penalty charge for leaving.

We can have you all set up as a client of ours within a matter of minutes.

You don’t need to worry as i4 will be solely responsible for administering all of the contractor’s employment rights. 

This can be done instantly. We just require them to complete our quick and easy registration form and upload their entitlement to work documentation.