Register with i4

We are delighted that you want to sign up to our service using our secure online registration facility. To ensure that your registration is dealt with swiftly, please make sure that you follow the instructions carefully and enter your information accurately.

Before continuing, please take a moment to read this quick guide to our Online Registration process.


Step 1

Enter all the information that is requested on the following page. If any information is not yet known (such as your NI number) then enter ‘N/A’ in the appropriate box and provide us with clarification in the Explanatory Notes box.
When you have completed the page, ensure that you press the Submit button.

Step 2

Within a few minutes you will receive an email at the address you supplied. This is your copy to show that the submission was successful and to ensure that the information you have provided is yours, and that you do intend to apply for the service.

Please remember to complete the application verification process by clicking on the link as advised in the email.
To ensure processing of your payments, you will need to upload copies of your entitlement to work in the UK (passport, visa, birth certificate) as well as two ‘proof of address’ documents via the secure web portal. Failure to do so will result in your payments being delayed. You will receive instructions on how to do this shortly.



You will receive a Welcome on Board Pack email which contains your login credentials to our secure web portal and instructions on how to view and electronically sign your contract of employment and assignment schedule.
As soon as we receive your signed documents we will commence your employment with us.
We will contact your agency and let them know your registration with i4 is now complete.

Step 3

Shortly after you have submitted your registration form, one of our client account managers will call you to ensure you have understood the service and how you get paid. Once you have spoken to one of our team we will finalise your registration.